A travel to Huangshan Mountain




HuangshanMountainis famous to the whole world. There is an old saying that “One who has returned from Wu Yue (Five high mountains) thinks nothing of other mountains, and he who has been to Huangshan Mountain, thinks nothing of Wu Yue (Five high mountains)”.

The staff of Lifestyle set off from Qingdao in the afternoon of 16th, July, all dressed in the red T-shirts, and arrived at Huangshan Mountain at 9:30 a.m. of 17th, July.

We started to climb the mountain at about 10:30 and got onto Yu Ping Peak at about 12:30. At last, we finished the rest itinerary until we climbed onto Bright Summit in the afternoon.

During the course of climbing Huangshan Mountain, we helped and motivated each other and conquered the great mountain through unremitting efforts.

Seeing the beautiful scenery of Huangshan Mountain, we could do nothing but to take photos. And we kept the marvelous scenes into our cameras and mind.

After returning from Huangshan Mountain, we checked in a Three Star Hotel. During the dinner, we talked with each other and shared each other’s feelings, which strengthen the relationship between each other.

On 18th, we appreciated other scenic spots and historical sites of Huangshan City under the leading of guide. In the afternoon, we paid a visit to a street called “Lao Jie” which is the mixture of old and modern things. There we learned a lot related to local customs and practices. Before leaving, we all bought special products of Huangshan for memory.

Lifestyle serves the clerks, for it is based on the clerks. People of Lifestyle are positive to develop the activities that do good to the company, which transfers us to work more efficiently.

The travel to Huangshan Mountain has enhanced our persistence, furthered mutual understanding and shown good spiritual state of the Lifestyles to visitors all over the world.

People of Lifestyle keep forging ahead and work diligently. We are always making innovations and try to be “The Huangshan Mountain” in the area of exporting ceramic products.